Tour Planning

What to Pack

So you made up your mind to visit Touws Rivier and now you are maybe wondering what to pack. We know the feeling and therefore put together this list to help make sure you are set for your adventure.

Not knowing what you are planning or doing, this list is fairly broad list and should cover you in most situations.

You’ll be happy to know that we are not a Malaria-risk area and there is no need to get vaccinated.
In summer we do however have those pesky little mosquitoes, so it is still a good idea to bring insect repellant.

Summer (December-February):
Pack light cool clothing, particularly if you are going on a hike.
Your shades does not only make you look cool, but will also help protect your eyes from the harsh Karoo sun, bring them along with a hat and sunscreen.

Winter (June – August):
For winter visits you should pack warm cloths, temperatures often drop below zero at night and every so often we wake up to a spectacular view of a frosted landscape.

All year:
This region is subject to sudden changes in weather and you should always remember (summer and winter) to bring along a nice warm jacket, hoody, scarf and gloves (for the ladies).

Remember to bring (Summary):
• A hat
• Sunglasses
• Sun block
• Insect Repellant
• Hoody
• Scarf
• Gloves
• A warm jacket
• Walking shoes
• Camera
• Binoculars
• Bird and mammal reference books
• Telescope (Stargazers)
• Rug sack for day outings
• Water bottle - Hikers must always carry sufficient water
• Flashlight