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Media Tour 2024

Media Educational 2024

Thanks to funding we received from Cape Winelands District Municipality we hosted a Media Educational on 17 & 18 April 2024.

We met up at Kroonplaas Restaurant with two Cape Winelands District Municipality officials (, Funmammasa ( and Andre from Social Media Cape Town ( from the Media.

After a delicious "roosterkoek" and "moerkoffie" breakfast at Kroonplaas Restaurant (, we departed for Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve ( ).

IMG 20240429 WA0005 
Lina, Stefan and Lena greeted us and made us feel truly welcomed. We had some time available before the game drive and took our time to book in at the various accommodation available to us.  Our accommodation for the night left us speechless. Every appliance you might need is there, even a dishwasher! Have a look:

IMG 20240503 WA0009

At two o'clock we went with the team from Drie Kuilen on an epic game drive. We had the priviledge to be the first people for a game drive in their new game drive vehicle. Wow! So much comfort, making the views even more spectacular. Vegetation combined with animals made it so much more memorable. However, to me the most spectacular things were the huge rock formations high up in the mountain. I've never seen such pretty rocks! Truly unique and unforgettable... An excursion on its own. We had a lovely picnic at the top, roaming around between these beautiful rocks.
IMG 20240503 WA0019
 Dinner was venison from the farm, with some fine wine that complimented the meat. The team prepared the dinner and joined us for supper.

Venison dinner
 Ending a perfect day.

 Early the following day we departed to Gecko Rock Nature Reserve ( ).
 After receiving a warm welcome from the Deal family, owners of Gecko Rock Nature Reserve, Mr. Jonathan Deal explained to us when Gecko Rock Nature Reserve was established and their vision going forward.
IMG 20240503 WA0025
 He is also the author of "Timeless Karoo" and his passion and love for the Karoo is seen through his book. We sat down for a hearty breakfast with the Deal family, making for good conversation and stories.
Click on the link to order your copy:
IMG 20240503 WA0024
After breakfast Travis took us to see their wooden cabins and campsite, situated between mountains. The cabins are off-grid and secluded, with ample privacy to enjoy the Kol-Kol hot tub.
 IMG 20240503 WA0026
 Funmammasa ) fell in love with their campsite! Situated under shady trees with a rock pool and ablutions, the campsite also offers a stay in a wood cabins.

IMG 20240506 WA0009
Click on the link for Gecko Rock's accommodation options:

 Then it was time for the shotgun shooting activity. The Deal family is training people through their Zero Points Down Academy ( ) on how to  safely and effectively use guns. They are approved SAPS trainers and Travis first educated us on safety before we could fire any shots. Throughout the activity he was close by the entire time, making sure everyone stayed safe and protected while at the shooting range. We thoroughly enjoyed the rush and unique experience.

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Afterwards,we returned to Touwsrivier to fetch our vehicles.

 Bringing an end to the Media Tour.