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Fab Collab on Mandela Day - 2023

Fab Collab on Mandela Day 2023
I'm excited to tell you that our first-ever Fab Collab on Mandela Day was a huge success! 67 x Collaborators gave food, blankets, paint, plants, windows, winter warmers, etc., and of cause hours of labor for Touwsrivier and its Community. Indeed we made history! Late President Nelson Mandela would have been proud. 

Some painted the "eye-sore" buildings, a creche and a historical building while others spend hours removing tons of garbage throughout the town. 

A special thanks to Cape Winelands District Municipality, Rescue Among Many, Compassionate Hearts Touws River, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages and Sasko.

We would also like to thank EMS, EFAR, SAPS, FIRE & RESCUE and Provincial Traffic for the Emergency Demonstration at the Touw Park Sports Ground. The Grade 7 & 9's who attended now have an idea of which subjects to choose for their career path after they finished school. 

Collaborators, without you none of this would have been possible. 
You gave your all for Touwsriver and the community, truly a heartfelt day. 
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.