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Karoo Nostalgia - Festive Season

Karoo Nostalgia
Festive Season

This time of year it's like an ant's nest on the roads while people hurry to their holiday destinations.

What better place to be than the Karoo to recharge and relax, away from the city madness. 

As a child holidays in the Karoo will always hold a special place in my heart. Delicious smells of baked bread, cookies, tarts and rusks that filled our home. Homemade ginger beer to quince our thirst. Family that came to visit and endless braais. Even so that after 2 weeks of (red) meat braai, chicken (people from the Karoo's vegetables), were braaied! He-He!

Laughter and chats around the fire while "sakkie-sakkie" (folk music) played over the cd player. 

Warm, carefree days of swimming in the dam with my nieces and nephews to wash away the stickiness of watermelon. Or the mud cakes we made. Years later when we sold the farm we still liked to go swimming, even when it had to be in the local swimming pool. 

Time flies - don't postpone. Cherish each moment you spend with family and friends. Go on that road trip to the Karoo, roast marshmallows over the campfire, sleep in a tent under the stars, swim in a dam or a river...

Enjoy the festive season, I can't wait to welcome you in Touwsrivier!

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