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Christmas Success

With the holiday spirit at hand and the prospect of a new decade, 2020, Touwsrivier Tourism Association joined hands with all the stakeholders and community of Touwsrivier and organized a Christmas Market Day on Friday December 21 and Saturday December 22, 2019.

Our planning time was limited and we wanted to do something very special for the children and adults of Touwsrivier community. Everything, like a well-oiled team, fell into place. Soon the tangible excitement and reality of the Market Days could be felt at Touwsrivier Tourism as well as in the community. 

Finally, 18h00 arrives on Friday, December 21, just a few days before Christmas. Stalls are visible everywhere, Christmas Carols invite the guests from all over. Smells of delicious food, delicacies, and handmade products are sold everywhere. The spirit goes high as hundreds of children wait for Father Christmas to make his appearance. Hundreds of gift packages were handed out. The joy and smiles on each child's face were unforgettable. Not one child went home empty-handed. Our first day of the festival is on a high note to an end.


Saturday 22 December arrives, and the festivities continue. The water slide and the bouncy castle are pitched. Stalls rise under the shade trees and products are exhibited. The festive feeling is present. Hundreds of childrens play themselves tired in the swimming pool, on the jumping castle and water slide. Our sincere thanks go to Mayor Antoinette Steyn and BVM who sponsored more than 400 children under the age of 13, it is greatly appreciated. The day comes to an end late afternoon. Each and every one goes home, tired but with a satisfied heart. Christmas Market Day was a huge success.

In total, there were 26 stalls on both days. It was a privilege to be able to see all the talent of Touwsrivier's community. There was excellent entrepreneurship in the handicraft stalls. Delicious food stalls with forgotten treats were sold. Some stalls provided great fun for old and young.

We, as a Touwsrivier Tourism Association, thank you for each and everyone's contribution to making this Christmas Market Day a huge success. Although there were a few pitfalls, we realized that this was a learning school process. At the end of the weekend it was a joyous occasion and we look forward to a future of many more Market Days. Touwsrivier Tourism is joining hands with the community and together we are building a better and bigger future for all of us.

Happy 2020 !!!!!